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"My knife is sharper than your sword."

Translation:tajwIj jej law' 'etlhlIj jej puS.

April 3, 2018



Mark all correct meanings My knife is sharper than your sword.

2TajwIj jej law' yanlIj jej puS. <= this is the right answer, but the word 'yan' hadn't appeared before, iirc.


You're right. As far as I can see, yan doesn't appear until the skill "Melee Weapons", which is nearly the last skill on the entire tree -- it should not be required as known here.

I've removed it from the "best" alternative while retaining it among the remaning alternatives.

I believe multiple-choice questions choose required correct answers only from the alternatives marked "best" (though they sometimes base their distractor sentences on other alternatives).

Thanks for notifying us about this!

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