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"Les garçons écrivent des lettres."

Translation:The boys are writing letters.

April 3, 2018



For sentences like this are we supposed to assume from the 'des' that there is more than one boy? If so, what if it's one boy writing multiple letters? It sounds exactly the same


I believe 'des' is for plural 'lettres' not garcons. Le garcon ecrit des lettres sounds like "luh garson ecri dei letr" Les garcons ecrivent des lettres sounds like "lei garson (z)ecriv dei lettr". NB: the 'z' is for liaison (optional). Sorry, no accents on key board.


The boy writes letters would be "Le garçon écrit des lettres", which is pronounced differently from "Les garçons écrivent des lettres" (le and les are pronoucned differently, and so are écrit and écrivent)


Yeah, agree with your coment. How it is possible to understand?


Just a mistake writing


I'm not so good at English. Can somebody explain me please why "The boys are writing the letters" are wrong?


I wrote the boys are writing the letters. I believe that should be accepted


The reason it was not accepted is because it's not what the sentence was asking for, in French. The sentence "les garçons écrivent des lettres" is saying "the boys write (some) letters." The sentence you wrote would only be accepted if the French sentence was asking for "les garçons écrivent les lettres."


How can we find that it is singular or plural of the boy when the speech is improper

[deactivated user]

    The word "les" lets you know it's plural ("boys") and the word "des" lets you know it's plural ("lettres").


    Does anyone know how to stop spellcheck on Motorola. It is adding 15% - 20% to my lesson time and will not quit.

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      Kate_Joy, here's something that I located in a Google Search. You'll have to read down to the end, as there's an additional detail. Apparently a lot of people are having trouble with Motorola for this feature (usually folks seem to be missing it). Good Luck! https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/60487/adding-a-new-spell-checker-to-motorola-moto-g


      Why can't I write "the boys are writing (the) letters?" It's saying indirectly that there is more than one letter so why is it wrong?


      This particular sentence was asking for "some letters," not "the letters" therefore that is why the sentence "les garçons écrivent des lettres" would not be translated as "the boys are writing the letters." If you wanted to use the translation "the boys are writing the letters" the French equivalent would be "les garçons écrivent les lettres." If there is any confusion between "des" and "les" in French, here are some helpful pages to look at:

      https://www.rocketlanguages.com/forum/french-vocab/des-vs-les/ https://languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/lc/FrenchSite1022/ARTindefvspart.html

      Hope that helps :)


      My thoughts exactly. Came here to see if this was a common issue and apprently it is. Does anyone here watch learn with alexa on youtube?

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