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  5. "Uczniowie wracają do szkoły."

"Uczniowie wracają do szkoły."

Translation:The pupils are going back to school.

April 3, 2018



Does returning work,it should, as the meaning is the same or is there a different word for it?


In English 'going back to school' or 'coming back from school' sounds better to me.


True, changed the main one to 'going back'.


To me, it's simply a question of perspective:

A parent, a casual observer, anyone not AT the school says 'the pupils are going back to school.'

A teacher, another pupil, anyone at the school says 'the pupils are coming back to school.'


How about 'The pupils are returning from school'?


I meant 'returning to' not 'from'


"The pupils are returning to school" works.


Why is it going back? I think "going back" and "comming back" are two different things!? Going back sounds to me, that the pupils are on the first half of the track. (They started a few seconds/minutes ago) And comming back is on the second half near the school! (So, they will arive soon).


The meaning of both expressions is the same. What is different is the point
of view. From the point of view of the parents "Students are going back TO school and coming back FROM school".

From the school point of view "Students are coming back TO school and
going back home".


Why can't I say "The students are returning back to school"


That's a pleonasm, because the meaning of "back" is already expressed by the verb "to return". I'm not convinced that it's common enough to be added here.

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