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Something wrong with Duolingo

I have been doing lessons for 897 days . Today i did my 898th day but Duolingo gave me credit and than moves me back to 897


April 3, 2018



how do you do that ?


Fill out the info in the link I provided.


Did you have a streak freeze enabled? Perhaps you did not reach your target XP yesterday and the Streak Freeze was used saving your streak.


It was doing it yesterday too . But I got the streak to stick after doing a leason on my I-Pad . I did not use Freeze ever


I just did a lesson on my PC and it moved me to 898. For some reason my I -Phone wont give me credit for a lesson



Hopefully you use the DuoLingo web portal in a web browser (force full desktop mode) instead of a mobile app?!


On several occasions now I have completed sessions and not received my scores?


Again i just completed 2 lessons on my I-Phone and it moves my Streak on my phone app from 898 to 899 . As soon as I close the app it than kicks it back to 898 Also when I do do the lessons I never get creidt on my Double or Nothing even though it temporarily gives me credit for the streak .


I use Android on a cheap smartphone, does it for me without problems! I tried a log-in using my daughter's i-phone and felt it was a disaster. Hated it, and the i-phone!

A program like DL has to have snarl ups just trying to keep up with all the different platforms when you consider how many and how often they change plus most if not all the work is done by volunteers - -

Anyhow, have some lingots - - I seem to have multiples of them again! :-)

www.paseoatraves.wordpress.com [ my daft wee personal blog and meanderings about DL and Spanish ]


I have been having the exact same issues with my iPhone X. I do the required XP for the day and open the app and it is gone. I have to use 200 gems every day to hold onto my 845 day streak. I have submitted a bug report and posted on all forums but to no avail. It has been over a week like this.


I have just did a lesson on my PC and it has moved me to 899 with 1 day on double or nothing. So I can move my steak along only if a use my PC or I-Pad :(


Going to try and reload my app on my phone . Hope this works


geez even my streak here is only showing 899 but i just did a lesson and got credit for it . My header shows a flame with check mark and 900


You can buy streak insurance for 200 gems to avoid losing your daily streak. When you have been using Duo for 845 days at the insane level, you don’t want to lose it because Duolingo has lost their focus on the app. BUT you have to buy it everyday!


I think it may have worked by reloading the app on my phone . Way too stressful this streak

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