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Different Spanish tree

OK, I don't know what just happened. I finished a skill, en when I got back to my tree it looked completely different. Also I'd gone from something like 84 crown to 27.
Only explanation is at the top of the screen where it says: Notice something different? We’ve updated your skill tree to teach you Spanish more effectively. Where has everything I've learnt gone? This is beyond demotivating.

April 3, 2018



Everything you have learned is still there. What's happened is that now you have new material in addition to the old. Courses on Duolingo get updated occasionally. It can be demotivating when you first see it because it looks like you've taken a giant step back - but you're getting more material, more knowledge, more vocabulary.


If everything I've learnt is still there, why have I gone from 84 crowns to 27?


I've taken a closer look at the new tree. Skills like past tense, gerunds, and future ir are completely grey, even though I've been doing them for ages in my last tree.


Weird. That def. doesn't seem right!


Well the crowns system is new, so there could be flaws and hiccups with it, especially when coupled with new content in an established course.

My guess (just a guess!) is that if you had 3 or 4 or 5 crowns in a skill set, and new vocabulary was introduced into that skill set, you are now allowed to go back to that skill and learn the new content at a less demanding (i.e. complicated and confusing) level.

Hopefully a course contributor will see this and be able to provide a definitive answer.


OK, problem solved. Someone gave me a tip. Turns out that if you part of the A/B test for the new Spanish tree and you open a classroom (which is the only way to see a wordlist per skill since the crowns rolled out) you revert back to the old tree. Delete the classroom and you get your old tree and progress back.

So great, I'm happy, but that's one hell of a glitch.


Why not link your Troubleshooting parallel thread here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26801946


Hello MasterYods, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26617760 the article is in French and it explain the use of a beta tree model for 50% of the uses. It seems you were selected for the new model. It looks like many improvements have been done for this new model. I don't know m ore about it, I am still using the old one. I completely understand your frustration and if I were in your shoes I would probably felt the same. Just don't demotivated, you will harvest what you have planted. Your base is still there and I am confident that your ultimate goal to be fluent in the languages your are learning. The number of crowns is not that important, it is your knowledge and facility to communicate. On the other hand, as I am reading the various discussions I find the common elements of the users of the new system is the confusion and the levels to repeat. You are not alone. My advice, if you allow me to share, write to Duolingo as they need to hear the feedbacks of the users of the new system.


Thanks. I don't understand French, but there certainly seem to be a lot of issues going around.

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