"Les oiseaux ont des plumes."

Translation:Birds have feathers.

April 3, 2018

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"Les oiseaux" - should there be a liaison?


Yes, there should be a liason, but the audio is not correct.


There is liaison in the new female voice.


I put 'the birds have some feathers'. According to Dl it should be 'the birds have got some feathers'. Surely my version is better English/English (I'm not American)


Some UK speakers like "have got" over "have". Most people don't use "got" here and it is certainly not required. It is accepted, however. Duo may show you another version that is also accepted. You don't have to like the version shown to you as long as yours is accepted. [Edit: As to "some", you may have had it drilled into you that "des" = "some" but that is not really correct. Some people felt that learners would learn better by having an English word to put there as a translation of "des" when in reality, "des" is simply the plural of "un/une" here. There is no counterpart for this in English although some people use some. The word some is irrelevant here and if you are thinking of using it, it is almost always ignored in English anyway.]


Feathers (plumes) does not seem to be pronounced correctly.


"Birds of a feather flock together" is an English saying. Oiseaux d'une plume volent ensemble.

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