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Pending French Tree Update

People seemed pretty shocked at the transition, but I'm having a hard time picturing what it will look like. Is it a full reset, or just the addition of new lessons here and there that gave the appearance of lost progress?

I'm currently re-gilding the early levels from the crown transition (which is more like busywork than anything), so I was wondering if I shouldn't hold off on that particular chore until after the new tree shows up for me.

April 3, 2018



It's three things:

1) the addition of new lessons

2) The rearrangement of the tree. Some things that were higher up in the tree are moved down, some things from lower are moved up.

3) Some individual lessons from within certain skills will be moved to be individual lessons in other skills, and additional lessons will be added to existing skills. E.g. say that you learned plouvoir in a Verbs II lesson and soleil in a Nouns III lesson (not real things; just for the sake of example), and the new tree adds a skill "Weather", both of those words will be removed from their respective skills and placed in the new Weather skill. At the same time, say, Animals I gets 6 or 7 new words, so that whereas before it was a 5-lesson skill with 20 words, now it's a 6-lesson skill with 26 words.

The results are: If you have a Golden Owl right now you will lose it when the change comes through. Skills you have finished that didn't get any additions or subtractions will stay at their current level. Skills you finished before but had new words added will show as partially completed (so my hypothetical Animals I will show as 5/6 because of the addition of a new lesson). New skills into which some of your learned words were migrated will show as partially completed (so if the new Weather skill has 6 lessons, and half of the words in the skill were ones you had learned already in the old tree, the skill will read as 3/6). New skills with no previously learned words will show as unfinished.

Crowns haven't come through for me yet, so I'm not sure how it will work with Crowns, but I've now gone through two tree reworks in German, one in Dutch, soon-to-be two in Spanish, and two in French once/if this one comes through, and the above is the way it's always gone for me.

As to whether or not you should wait until the change comes through, I would keep doing what you're doing. The change is in A/B testing now, and since you don't have the tree you're clearly not part of testing group. A/B testing could take another month or two, and it may be even more time than that before you see the tree, if you even see it at all. IIRC the Spanish tree update wrapped up its A/B testing back in January and it still hasn't come through for me yet. Any work you do in the current system will doubtless be reflected in the migration, and its not like you lose any knowledge in your head. Worst case scenario is you have to spend a couple extra months "relearning" a handful of skills. Not such a bad thing. Particularly if the new lessons in the skill are genuinely new to you.


Perfect answer! Thank you. The crowns follow a similar logic, merely adding more room to grow within each skill while disabling the decay of completed skills.

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