Cannot connect to Duolingo. Try starting the session again.

Hello I've just download Duolingo and wanted to take the placement test for Korean cause I'm not the beginner. However, as i clicked on it it keep sending me an error message saying "Cannot connect to Duolingo. Try starting the session again."

I've tried everything from sign out and in again. Delete the app then reinstall.

I've also tried to so on website but as I clicked it it keep sending me back to the "Beginner or Placement test" page.

I'm using iOS 11.2.5 on my iPhone 6s and my Macbook is macOS Sierra. I've tried using both Google Chrome and Safari but none can access.

How do I solve this so i can start my learning...?

April 3, 2018

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Let's try to recognize whether this issue is caused by the Korean course or by something else:

  1. Install on your Macbook the most recent version of the Firefox browser

  2. Open in this Firefox browser

  3. Select the course "German for English speakers"
    (Why German? Because this is a stable course version)

  4. Select "Placement test"

Please, tell what is happening now.

April 4, 2018
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