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"I am waiting for the last children."

Translation:J'attends les derniers enfants.

April 3, 2018



Sounds weird in English


@Kitcat I know right?! I would probably say something like "I'm waiting for the last OF the children (to get out of the school bus; to be picked up by their parents, etc.) "last OF the children." Maybe that's the way they express it in French. It sounds better when you say "I'm waiting for the last CHILD" though.


Maybe it has to do with BANGS. The N is for number and maybe "last" has to do with the number


Would 'dernier' not come after the noun? Thanks


Some adjectives come before the noun, like "grand", "dernier", "pauvre", "petit", etc. I'm not sure if there's a rule or you just have to learn them :/


There's BAGS (beauty, age, goodness, size), but even then that doesn't cover all adjectives going before the noun, like "autre" and "meme".


Very odd. The last children implies many children. But in french "the last" implies only one.


The last children meaning it's singular ! So "les derniers enfants" is wrong at all level....


I was told that I was wrong when I wrote "derniers enfants", then I was told I was wrong when I wrote "les derniers enfants". ???

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