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"The girl is happy with her red dress."

Translation:La niña está feliz con su vestido rojo.

4 months ago


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i used ser instead of estar and was marked correct. But when I thought about it a bit more, it seemed to me that ser doesn't seem correct in this case, since the girl is in the state of happiness and hence only estar should be correct. So am I thinking correct or there is something that I am missing?

4 months ago


"rojo vestido" es incorrecto? ...es singular y masculino. porqué no se puede poner el adjetivo antes de el sustantivo?

1 month ago


In Spanish, the descriptive words follow the noun being described.

1 week ago


Feliz/contenta = both happy?! Why is contenta not correct?

3 days ago



According to this link, it is a difference in how happy someone is. Felíz is "over the moon" happy while contento/a is a "meh.. I am content/satisfied" sort of happy.

If she just bought the dress and it is for a special occasion, say a prom, then she would be felíz, very happy, where as if it just a dress like any other dress, she may just be "content" with the dress.

3 days ago