"This shopkeeper offers beautiful things."

Translation:Cette commerçante propose de belles choses.

April 3, 2018

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Why is the shopkeeper feminine? There is no indication in the English version sentence of the shopkeepers gender. So, why was "ce commercant" marked wrong?

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    Marked correct now


    The cedille on the c makes it an s sound and is not optional. “Ce commerçant propose de belles choses.”


    I suspect there is a bug in how the tiles work. I'm willing to submit a bug report, but first I'd appreciate a reality check.

    In the below, shouldn't I have been graded incorrect? Didn't I use the wrong gender for commerçant(e)?


    You are right. Duolingo might not be checking the adjective noun pair as an inseparable set.


    why is 'de' used here and not 'des'?


    You use "de" or "d'" instead of "des" before an adjective preceding the noun.


    Isn't "beautiful" part of BANGS? Shouldn't belles come before choses?


    can you teach me BANGS?


    Adjectives of beauty, age, number, gender and size preceed the noun


    why was ( de beaux choses ) marked wrong. I get confused between beau and belle, can someone explain difference please


    Everything is either masculine or feminine in French, so you must memorize “une chose” is feminine so it requires the feminine form of the adjective “belle” and “choses” is plural so we add an ‘s’. “Beaux” is the masculine plural form.



    I was also marked incorrect for ... cet commercant propose de beaux choses ... (I learned that one assumes the masculine unless there is a clue.....) so it has not corrected


    The masculine shopkeeper would be “Ce commerçant”, but everything is either masculine or feminine in french and the word for thing: “chose” is feminine, so it must take “belle” and the feminine plural is “belles choses.” We just have to learn the gender of each word as we learn and you can look it up in a dictionary when you don’t remember. https://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/Chose

    “cet” is used with a masculine word that starts with a vowel sound, for example “cet homme”.

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      I was marked wrong for making the shopkeeper masculine. I agree with Timi96160 below.


      Why can't you use the verb 'offrir" for offer?


      “Offrir” is the infinitive “to offer”. If you put “Cette commerçante offre de belles choses.” and it wasn’t accepted as correct, then you could report it as also correct.


      Thank you. I used the masculine form of commerçant which should also be correct so I think my translation was correct.


      You should type your entire answer here. I keep having to guess what you might have put and which exercise you had for this sentence. If you put “Ce commerçant offre de belles choses.” in the exercise asking you to translate from English to French, then you could report it as also correct. If you had the write what you hear exercise, then you must put the feminine form and use the verb they said, because it would sound differently. The ending t is only pronounced in the feminine form when the e is added. https://www.thoughtco.com/french-demonstrative-adjectives-1368790


      I did put "Ce commerçant offre de belles choses" and I do the exercises by translating the english to french. I don't even know how to do the exercises where you translate from hearing the sentence. Thanks again.

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