"Pourquoi et comment les dinosaures ont-ils disparu ?"

Translation:Why and how did the dinosaurs disappear?

April 3, 2018

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I think the word order, 'how and why' should also be accepted as it's (to me at least) more natural. Similar to how 'coming and going' is naturally reversed between French and English in other questions


I agree. The word order "why and how" sounds very unnatural to me; if the goal is a more natural translation rather than a more literal one, it should be reversed to "how and why".


I have mixed feelings about this. Yes, your word order is a much more common collocation and is the preferred English phrasing.

However, we learners need to demonstrate that we understand the individual French words, so we should mirror the French word order. Also, if French speakers prefer the opposite order, we should be doing it their way so we don't sound like idiots if we talk or write to French people. Its aller et venir all over again.


can we say "pourquoi et comment ont disparu les dinosaures" and still have the same meaning ?


Why is 'the" needed in this translation needed. Isn't it a reference to all dinosaurs in general that have disappeared? So then can't you just say "why and how did dinosaurs disappear?


Why not "Why and how the dinosaurs disappeared?"


I think that formulation only works as a statement, not as a question.

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