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general question .. no harm meant

WHy do I see a lot of 'native speakers' chiming in to comment on a language course 'x'. Are they trying to learn there own language again? or what. I have not signed up for English language yet....afraid DL may start me off at the bottom.

April 3, 2018



My native language is German, and I participate in the German forums in order to help people who want to learn my native language.

Another possibility why you see native speakers contribute to courses of their own language may be that they are doing the "reverse tree", i.e., "learning" their native language from their target language. This has the advantage that most translations take place into the target language.


My native language is English but I am signed up for "English for Spanish speakers". I have to translate more into my "native" language of Spanish, and all the sentence discussions are in Spanish. That's great practice for me! When I'm participating in a discussion in that course, if it's relevant I might mention that English is my native language.


I participate in Spanish forums because I like to help people to learning Spanish and it is useful for practicing my English. <- I have doubts about consecutive verbs: "I like to help"? "it is useful for practicing"? but making mistakes is useful to avoid them in future conversations.

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