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BEREIT and FERTIG, do they have any different meaning in certain context?

I actually just started yesterday my German learning in Duolingo so my German is still quite at basic level. In the learning today, I am a bit confused with bereit and fertig. In one of the modules, I got the translation for "I am ready" is Ich bin fertig. But in another module, it uses "bereit" for "ready". Do they have the same meaning? Any explanation will be very welcomed and appreciated.

April 3, 2018



Ich bin bereit = I am ready, Ich bin bereit nach Hause zu gehen.

Ich bin fertig = I have finished, Ich bin fertig mit der Arbeit.

Sometimes you can use bereit and fertig for ready, but they don’t habe exactly the same meaning.


I think it gets confused because the use of "ich bin fertig" when you are ready to go outside but if you think about it you use ist to say that you finished putting your shoes on and your jacket and stuff and you're finished with it....


I agree with Birgit and would add that "fertig" is being ready because one is finished with any preparations and "bereit" is being ready because one is open to new experiences.


Hi, for "I am ready" you can use either "Ich bin fertig" and "Ich bin bereit" since its meaning is nearly the same. Just imagine you want to go out and someone asks you whether you are ready. You have already put on your jacket and shoes and you say: Ich bin fertig (bereit) ;let's go..!


"fertig" means "finished"/"done" = the last step of something has been taken, nothing else is needed/will be done anymore

"bereit" means I'm ready to start/continue/do something. It's used rather for the beginning of something than for the end.

"Ich bin fertig. Ich werde heute nichts mehr lernen"

"Ich bin bereit. Wir können mit dem Lernen beginnen."

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