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"It is cold, and it is snowing."

Translation:Il fait froid et il neige.

April 3, 2018



Why can't it be : Il fait frais?


I think its because frais is "cool" and froid is "cold". It is sort of nitpicky, but I suppose for good reason.


Why cant I say "il fait froid et neige"?


Repeat the pronoun "il", especially if it's impersonal.


Il fait froid il y a du neige .. Why wrong ???


Exactly. Cold is a sensation and thus is treated as an adjective. Snow is a fact, a thing. It should be treated as a noun complete with article.

If not, why not?


Why can't it be "Il y a froid et...."? Please can somebody explain?


It is cold. Cold is an an adjective. The expression "Il fait" (it makes) requires that is it followed by an adjective. So the expression is "Il fait froide" (it is cold.) Il y a is used to describe what you can sense - a noun, the rain, the snow, the fog. Cold is not a noun so you would not say "Il y a froid"


If any of you were wondering, if you chose the 'select words' option instead of 'use words', Duolingo is fine if you use the wrong 'il'. So you can say | il | fait| froid | et | Il | neige. |


Why sometimes it is 'il vent' other times its 'il du vent' ? When 'du' is required between 'il' and 'some weather condition' ?


"Le vent" is a noun. It means "wind". You say "il y a du vent" to mean "there is wind" or "it is windy".

"La neige" is a noun, meaning "snow". "Neiger" is a verb, meaning "to snow". You say "il y a de la neige" to mean "there is snow". You say "il neige" to mean "it is snowing."

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