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Love the forums? You can apply to become a moderator!

Do you enjoy helping out in the forums, providing great info, interacting with people and keeping Duolingo Discussions awesome? Do you already spend quality time in the forums? Are your language skills great? You should consider joining our team of moderators.

If you are interested, no need to comment! Read through and follow the instructions on this page. You can also use the comments to nominate people you think would be great moderators for these forums.

Please note that this announcement is posted in English, because it’s important that our moderators are bilingual.

Quick link to application here.

Thank you for helping us keep language learning fun!

April 3, 2018

18 messages


if you choose me i promise i will not let you down duolingo si tu me choisis je te promais je vais pas te laisser tomber duolingo


Hello !

I've applied to become a moderator for a week now, but still no reply ...
Is it normal please ?

Best regards, LukeSkywalker777


Bonjour je m'appelle faufau


Hello duo i need your help. I make a conversation and a lot of personals want more things in the boutique

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