I was wondering how I can explain the subjuntif: My student created this sentance: "je suis triste qu'il n'aille pas à ma maison"

It isn't really the correct, but I think that the problem is that she used aller instead of venir. Is:

''je suis triste qu'il ne vienne pas à ma maison"



"je suis triste qu'il n'aille pas à Paris"

also correct?


April 3, 2018


I believe your propositions are correct.

April 4, 2018
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I think the choice between "aller" and "venir" has nothing to do with the subjunctive. It depends on where you are at the moment you speak.

  • if you are at your home, then he comes to your home - use "venir"

  • if you are not at your home, then he goes to your home - use "aller"

"to come" = "to go" towards the speaker, as viewed from the speaker's position

April 4, 2018
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