"No, we do not remember it."

Translation:Non, nous ne nous en souvenons pas.

April 3, 2018

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What an exhausting sentence


Yeah, it's hard getting all those little words in the right order.


Okay, I get how the first nous is we, ne is there for the negative construction, the second nous is the reflexive pronoun, souvenons is the verb, and pas ends the negative construction. What purpose does the "en" serve? I am usually very literal when translating these sentences and i can't figure out what it is there for and why in that particular spot. I'm assuming it means "it", but why and why there?

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I think of "en" as "of it". "We have no remembrance of it" might be a way to think about it in English.


why isn't it "non, nous ne nous le souvenons pas"?


The verb is "se souvenir de". Objects introduced by de must be replaced by the pronoun en.

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I understand why "en" is there, but have wondered a while WHERE this "en" should be located.

--- 1st, "of it " is AFTER verb, but "en" must be moved to somewhere BEFORE verb;

---2nd, "en" must be after negative "ne";

--- 3rd, should "en" be following "ne", or between "se souvenir"? If following "ne", it will become "n'en" (actually, this is my first trial of answer);

--- The true answer by duo is "ne nous EN souvenons pas". The positive answer must be:

Oui, nous nous en souvenons. ---(My first thought was "nous en nous souvenons")

Please correct me if I misunderstand anything.


You can always look at a chart of pronouns because the French pronoun order is fixed (with a slight difference for imperative constructions). Here's a nice one:

As you can see, "en" would always go just before the verb. And "ne" goes right after the subject. Other pronouns go between them.


Charts help a lot!

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That is great! A lingot to say thank you ~


Is it en because it is se souvenir de


I remember this, yeah, why is there no 'de' here?


The de + object is replaced by en. In English, the object is replaced by "it".

  • Nous nous souvenons de cette maison. = We remember that house.
  • Nous nous en souvenons. = We remember it.
  • Nous ne nous en souvenons pas. = We don't remember it.


Not exactly a tongue twister, more of a nose annoyer!


Why is the other sentence require does not require en and this need en?? Je ne me souviens pas?


Because there is an object in the sentence: “it”.

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