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  5. "Je mets mon maillot de bain."

"Je mets mon maillot de bain."

Translation:I am putting on my swimsuit.

April 3, 2018


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Swimsuit doesn't faze me but I expected bathing costume to be acceptable. The ink's barely dry on the Declaration of Independence and y'all go changing stuff!

June 2, 2018


Then report it as correct, since here in the USA we don't call it that way, so it will have to be added for you.


What is a swimsuit? (Duolingo is teaching me some really deep English words now)


A swimsuit is a swimming costume. The term is non-gendered and is used for both male and female swimwear.


True but it is not a very british english word, but yeah we know what it means.

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When you sign in to Duolingo, you are no longer in England and you will be exposed to English words that you may not have seen before. In terms of language, there is more to "English" than "British English".


Yes, I agree. Not all English is British English.We say "togs" in New Zealand and Oz but I didn't expect that to be accepted!


In VIC, we say bathers. haha, there's a lot of words for it


So do you say "bathing suit" which should also be accepted?


From Europe? Perhaps speedo or banana hammock is more relatable.


I put my swimming costume on, is perfectly good English - et utiliser plus souvent - than the translation.


That depends where you live, so just report it if it is not accepted as correct.


So, why is this incorrect? No one (in the US) would ever call it a 'swimming costume.'


What is “this”? We cannot see your answer here. “swimsuit” is also correct. I usually say “bathing suit”, but I have not tried it yet.


Sorry for indefinite reference ["this"]. I'd answered 'swimming suit' which was marked incorrect; the correction showed 'bathing costume' which I've never heard in the US.


Yes, using “costume” is very British. You could try reporting “swimming suit” as an alternative to the “swimsuit”. Where I am from, I hear the shorter version or “bathing suit”, but that doesn’t mean that yours is not used elsewhere.


Swimming suit is a Swimming costume


bathers....? simple!!!!! please accept!!!!!!


Where is that used? For me, bathers are people who are bathing.


Australians also say bathers. So this translation should be accepted.


I hear "mais" or "mes". Anyone else? I will have to realize that my ears "je mais" or "je mes" can only be "je mets". Is anyone else doing this, or is this just my issue? Aug, 2019


It is not the same vowel sound for “mets” though the beginning of “maillot” does sound like “mais” and “mes”.


I live in the U.S. Girls wear swimming suits and boys wear swimming trunks. I am in the south. We usually don't use "swimming" at all. It is just, grab your suits and trunks we are going to the creek.

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