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Taking Back my Complaint About the Crowns.

When Duolingo originally switched me from their older format to the new one with crowns, I was furious. I had worked to hard to get everything golden....but also, constantly found myself spending hours redoing lessons as the golden bars faded. I went back to the most basic lessons, so everything would be golden again, and after repeating the first course almost 50 times to get a level 5 golden crown I was so aggravated I almost quit. But, I have stuck with it and I finally admit that this format is better for actually learning a language.

The obnoxious repetition has forced me to learn things I had previously neglected. Now, I actually understand how to conjugate a word and why, when to use accents, and more.....Before, I just used duolingo to memorize vocabulary. Now, I am actually learning a language.

April 3, 2018



I felt exactly the same way. The crowns were irritating and WAY too much work and repetition. But it's sticking, and I like that! Plus instead of being really frustrated with hard exercises the first time I've even seen a word, I like being eased into things and by crown level 5 I'm rocking those harder exercises like a boss :)


I'm glad I stayed neutral now. I went through several stages of feelings: Extremely happy, then confused, annoyed, downright angry, then "oh, this actually helped my Welsh", to confused with all the angry comments on discussion to happy with my own progress through the crown levels. Now, they're alright with me.


Dying to get my update :' (


I feel your pain....


Lingots for all the forgotten people lol


Same here.... still no update. Wonder if Duo has forgotten me. =( just kidding.


People still haven't gotten the update? Some people have had it for a long time- I wonder why they don't update everybody at once?....


Me too! I made a new account to especially try the crown system and I really didn't like it and became frustrated because I couldn't see the individual lessons and such.

I chose to learn Polish (Which I find kinda hard ) and because of this new system I noticed my spelling improving and having a better understanding of how the sentences work. I also quite like how it gets more difficult as you progress. So it's not as intimidating. Completely changed my mind ! ahah


I thought I was the only one who made a new account for this... :)


I like the Crown system because I redo the Spanish course each year. This year Im working on snagging 2 crowns per skill. Next year I'll snag the third, and so forth. :)


Oh, I'm so confusing because I don't know what I have to do. I don't know if I keep leveling up the same skill or if I should go to those I have struggle more with. I'm lost in the new tree, but I don't want to go back to the old system, I just don't figured out yet what it's the best way to learn with Crown System


I feel the exact same way. Since I had completed so many lessons before the switch, the "easier" lessons contain words from the more difficult ones that I do not remember at all. I don't know whether or not upping my level in the more difficult lessons will refresh my memory, or just make completing the easier lessons that much harder. I feel like it is not keeping track of the words I am struggling with like it used to....


Hi Chloe,

have you followed my advise here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26637789 to use an external 3rd party flashcard application software like Memrise, AnkiSRS, etc. to learn single words (with or without context) and review them in your L2 target language (Spanish)?

I have been doing this since 1,5 years with Memrise's DuoLingo vocabulary clone course for Portuguese in parallel to DuoLingo and I was using the "6 step flower planting" process, to try to hammer those words into my head.

I am curious:
What have you been experiencing?
Do you just rely 100% on DuoLIngo? TinyCards? Any other app?
I still feel that I do not know ALL of my learned words when I practice Portuguese-English/German translations or I play the DuoLingo stories.

In Memrise it is of course switched English-Portuguese.

But I could install a Tampermonkey script from Cooljngle reverse which would allow me to force this translation direction from time to time when I review on the web portal 100 words ;)


Thanks for this post. I don't have the update yet, but appreciate reading your positive review. It is especially nice to hear that you changed your mind after using the new system for awhile. .


Why don't you link your old thread with all user suggestions? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26637789


I got the Crown update today! Even though I have to start from the beginning of the tree to get my skills golden again, I'm having fun re-learning everything! There are only 8 questions for each level so it goes quickly!


I got my Crown update today too!

I feel the same, I've recently finished my tree so it is brilliant to be able to start again !

Exactly what I need !


I finished the Irish tree recently and I can't wait to get the crown system!

I feel I need to keep the tree golden but in reality I would benefit from going over each skills again...


I like it because you can choose to master one skill before moving onto another, or getting level 1 in a few skills, then going back on them to do level 2. There's more choice.


I appreciate the above but I need to be able to type in my replies not use what is effectively flash card learning by looking at words. We already had an element of learning by reading in the old method as well learning the mechanics of written spelling for our selves. Is there going to be no way of typing in for ourselves or is there another course supplier elswhere that till gives that necessary skill ? I am stuck on some inadequate system of just reading pre set sentances. Really demoralised right now.


Yes, it is.
Use the www.duolingo.com web portal in a web browser.

It supports typing - always has to a given amount besides multiple-choice (there are some new exercise challenges in 2017 and recently added 2018).

Unfortunately you can not 100% rely on typing only because of those random challenges incl. multiple-choice.
I really would have loved a user setting to focus on 100% typing.

I had seen a screenshot in one of the many threads that the "Skill crown level" update brings switching from tapping to typing back and forth to the web portal.

With crown levels L4-L5 the ratio of English- French (L2 target) will probably get higher.
Bofore you had to start the reverse tree French-English to be able to type sentences in your target language French or Spanish.

Don't use IOS or Android smartphone to review content on the Duolingo app!
Mobile apps make it too easy, and tapping gives too many hints.


thank you Thomas, not good at finding my way around sites and you advice was brilliant, now typing my way back into French studies from the starting point to get a feel for things.


I am partially deaf and could never keep up with languages at school. I now have memory issues and just find myself drifting into boredom trying the click the preset word methods. I am not actually learning how to write French unless I type as trying to spell is keeping me focused. I think the "fill in preset text" is not at all helpful for some people! I have always had higher reading skills than written. I took up French as I was famillar with its sound from school ( 1960s).

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