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  5. "jagh Suvbe'vIp rewbe'."

"jagh Suvbe'vIp rewbe'."

Translation:The citizen is afraid to not fight the enemy.

April 3, 2018



This sentence is awkward and confusing.


But demonstrates well how the placement of -be' effects the meaning. Sometimes it's just hard to find a sentence which demonstrates something important in Klingon, but also has an easy way to translate it into English.


it should be "the citizen is not afraid to fight the enemy."


That would be jagh SuvvIpbe' rewbe'. Notice the difference it makes to change the position of the -be' and consider the difference between "not afraid to fight" and "afraid to not fight".


Ok, the translation seems a little odd to me, but is that because this would be justified usually by a second clause such as "the citizen is afraid to not fight the enemy... (because he worries he is a coward)/(because if he does not fight he fears what the enemy would do to him and his family) ?


Perhaps. It is a grammatical sentence all on its own, but it does seem like a weird statement to make. Some extra context would certainly be helpful. Maybe someone just asked, "Why does he keep fighting and never tries any other tactics?" Your suggestions are also good possibilities. There are a number of sentences in this course that require you to imagine some sort of crazy context.


Maybe he wants to do his part in the war and cant stand not being able to help.


Just noting that the past tense "citizen was afraid ..." was not accepted.


There are some variations with that in them that are already accepted. What was the rest of your translation? Could you have made another type of error?

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