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"Těch dvacet osm měst si nepamatuji."

Translation:I no longer remember those twenty-eight cities.

April 4, 2018



The answer "I cannot remember..." is accepted, but suggests as correction "I can not remember...". This is not proper English.


It should be accepted, but it is not that simple to call it not proper English.


In this sentence, the form "can not" should not be accepted, because it has a different meaning. -> "Můžu si nevzpomenout/nepamatovat těch 28 měst."


Opinions in different references vary. I did consult several of them before my previous answer. Most say it is a less common spelling with the same meaning. This one has links to several references https://www.dailywritingtips.com/cannot-or-can-not/


Why is it "těch dvacet osm měst" and not "těch dvaceti osmi měst"? Shouldn't the whole phrase be in genitive case?


"pamatovat si" requires the accusative case. The number 28 is the object of the verb, so the number is in accusative (which looks just like the nominative: dvacet osm). Both "ta" and "města" modify the number, thus they both have to be in genitive.

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