"a child"


April 4, 2018



The pop up gets cut off halfway on my screen. I think it said there is no equivalent for "a". No indefinite articles? In reverse translation how will we know whether it wants an article? Or it won't matter?


No articles at all in Klingon. There are actually many Earth languages that do not use articles and translators have to learn how to decide when to add an article into the English and which article to add. Context can make it quite clear. If I am introducing a new topic, you will probably use an indefinite article, but if I am continuing to talk about a previous topic, you will probably use a definite article. But since most of these sentences are out of context, either the definite or indefinite articles will be accepted as long as they make a valid English sentence.


See my post here on how Klingon deals with the lack of articles and tense inflections.


I sometimes need to remind myself to not say "pug"

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