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what is l' gender

i know l' means the, but what gender does it have?

April 4, 2018



'L'' is the shortened form of 'Le' or 'La' when the noun that follows it starts with a vowel or 'h'. The word for water, l'eau separated is l(a) eau. And the word for a man, l'homme, separated is l(e) homme. You cannot tell the gender of the word through the 'L'' in these cases.


You are unable to find the gender, as that means roughly 'the gender' or 'gender.' Le is a word distincting masculine or male-based things, while La is for feminine or female-based things. When the following noun begins with a vowel, le or la becomes l'.


I believe it is shortened for le or la when the next word begins with 'h' or a vowel, like l'homme or l'enfant.


"La" or "le" is not always shortened to l' before a word beginning with the letter 'h'. If the 'h' is "aspirated", the article is not shortened. The main example is "le haricot." Also "la halle." Another one of those gotchas that makes studying French so interesting.

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