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  5. "我有三个孩子。"


Translation:I have three children.

April 4, 2018



we have to use liang instead of "er" for quantities, is there an equivalent for 三? Or is 三个 good enough?


Yeah, I was wondering that too. Anybody know what this liang vs er is all about and if it is only applicable to 2 and not to other numbers?

[deactivated user]

    Using a different word in place of a number (liang vs er) is ONLY for two. No other numbers


    why doesn't kids work? -_- duolingo i know you probably won't read this


    It works for me...


    How can you tell the difference between i love my child or i love my children if they are both translated to 我爱我的孩子


    Can you use 们 (孩子们) in this situation? If not, you could probably use a number or adjective.


    Is haizi necessarily "one's children" or can it be just "any children"?


    It depends on the context. The language lacks some features like definite articles, and we use the word in the both meanings.

    • 孩子怎么样了? = How is the child? If one parent of a child asks the other parent, the child referred is of course 'their children'.
    • 孩子咳嗽怎么办?= What should we do when the child / children / a child is / are coughing? As an ad catchline, it could refer to both the children in trouble, or any general child.
    • 救救孩子! = Save children! As the closing exclamation of Lu Xun's 狂人日记, here the 孩子 refer to all the children growing or to be born in this world.


    does the so-called "Zi" have to be there? i mistaken it for "bu".xchinese is tricky.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, 孩子 means child or children. You can also say 小孩.


      Yes, it needs to be there. Remember it's toneless (zi5)


      子 = zi3
      不 = bu4


      not in china you don't

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