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How do I get used to the way Germans talk/ how to know what to say?

For example; German say "I'm making vacation" and similar stuff like that. How do I get over that? Watch a bunch of tv, learn the 1000 most popular German phrases or just say stuff the 'makes sense' to me and they'll understand what i'm trying to say?

April 4, 2018



The important thing is to not translate english into german! You can do this maybe with vocabulary and there are similarities, but the german grammar is different, and many phrases and constructions make 0 sense when you translate it word by word into english or vice versa. How you get over that? Learn the phrases how they are. There are also expressions in english i would never be able to understand if i would try to translate them word by word into german. i see a show ON the television. Ich sehe eine Sendung IM Fernsehen.

In german language on=auf means for example i have flowers on the table. so how can i see a show ON the TV when it means it is really ("standing") on it? For me its clear it has to be IN because its inside the TV.

This difficulties you will have in any language. So i tell my students always STOP thinking english, you need to learn to think german.


Get down your local library and find a sensible, communicative teach yourself German book that presents language in context, so that you see and hear basic conversations rather than just disconnected utterances.

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