"Kolik máš prstů?"

Translation:How many fingers do you have?

April 4, 2018

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Šest na pravé roku!


Thanks! I was unsure about this (:


Just curious, would fingers and toes been accepted? Or digits?


Toes are accepted, along with fingers. (If context doesn't suffice, we have to say "prsty na ruce/rukou" and "prsty na noze/nohou")

Digits (finger digits or toe digits) are "články".

"Člověk má 20 prstů, ale mnohem víc článků." -- A person has 20 fingers+toes, but many more digits.


Thanks very much. I believe that článek should be translated as phalanx (and články as phalanges) because each digit is formed by several phalanges. A complete finger is one digit a complete thumb is one digit and a complete toe is one digit. p.s. Yes I am that annoying £$%^ who says he has eight fingers, two thumbs, and ten toes. Or twenty digits, not ten fingers and ten toes :-/


I agree. It is quite specialized anatomical terminology, though. Doctors of medicine will refer to fingers as digitus primus = pollex, digitus secundus = index, etc.


Ok, sorry, my bad, I was tired :D

Right, so "digit" corresponds to "prst", i.e. any finger, toe, or thumb. I don't think the general populace uses "phalanges" though, while "články (prstů)" is an ordinary word in Czech usable by ordinary people :)

You might also be interested in the names of fingers:

  • palec - thumb
  • ukazovák - index f. - from "ukazovat" (to show/point)
  • prostředník - middle f. - from "prostřední" (middle, adj.) from "střed" (middle, noun)
  • prsteník - ring f. - from "prsten" (ring) from "prst" (finger)
  • malíček - little f. - from "malý" (little)

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers are also often referred to by diminutives where "-k" is replaced by "-ček". The smallest, fifth finger is a diminutive by default.

The big toe is also referred to as "palec" (thumb), or "palec u nohy" (foot thumb) if necessary.


Thank you so much, that's really helpful. You're right about phalanges, I think it's usually only reserved for healthcare professionals and nerdy logophiles. I love Czech diminutives, I think malíček sounds so much nicer than little finger, and better still than the Old English "ear finger" :)

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