"La femme lit leurs lettres."

Translation:The woman is reading their letters.

April 4, 2018

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Just regarding the audio, could it als be "La femme lit leur lettre."?


I have an incredibly hard time distinguishing singular v plural in the duolingo audio in French


I wrote, "La femme lit leur lettre," and it was marked correct. I suppose that is because the French do not pronounce the "s", therefore it could be either, "The woman is reading their letters OR letter."


I also wrote 'leur lettre' and it was marked correct, but the answer said you are correct and then wrote 'their letters'. Their LETTERS is wrong and so many other times on this program I have been marked incorrect for missing an S.


I may be wrong but I believe both are correct, and recently, Duolingo does not always display an alternative correct answer as such. The alternate answer is just shown on screen.


The audio on the fast speed with the female voice is, in general, difficult for me to hear. I guess we're stuck with it due to the limitations of the technology. But it is frustrating. Why have a choice between a lightning fast voice that's blurred and one that is extremely slow and clear. Can't there be a middle ground, one that, for learning purposes, goes somewhere in between?


La femme lit leurs lettres means the woman reads their letters? Shouldn't it be the woman reads her letters?


that would be "la femme lit ses lettres"


"ses" isn't the same as "their" in this case


Oh, I misread the OP, never mind


It should of been womEn


Tense problems.


I wrote "the woman read their letters", but it's wrong. How do we know it should be "is reading" instead of just "read"


Kathz11, your sentence "the woman read their letters" is past tense. The French word "lit" is present tense. If you had put "The woman reads their letters" I think you would have been marked correct.


I wrote the woman reads their letters. Why is this wrong thay ate both present tense...I think

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