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  5. "Je ne me souviens pas !"

"Je ne me souviens pas !"

Translation:I do not remember!

April 4, 2018



So frustrating!!! Souvient de... Or replace de with en... And now neither... Is it me or does every french rule have just as many exceptions?


Actually, this is a good point. Shouldn't there be an "en" here?


"I can't remember" should be accepted.


That would only work if the verb pouvoir was involved. It is essentially saying the same thing, but the structure of the french sentence would change


"Je ne peux pas me souvenir !" would be the translation of "I can't remember!". As @ajlockhart was saying, "I can't remember!" and "I don't remember!" pretty much have the same meaning in English, but "I can't remember!" is not the translation of "Je ne me souviens pas !"


I'm still having trouble with pronominal verbs. Can the following be said in French? Je souviens. -or- Je ne souviens pas.

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