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new crown system

changed my mind! i now quite like the new format. I think it makes you do more exercises and work harder! Susan

April 4, 2018



I can't wait to transfer over to the new system. I did the tree a few times - even maintained a solid gold tree for a while - and then became a bit bored with going over the same stuff. For a time, even doing the minimum to keep my streak going started to feel like a chore. Then the stories came along and reignited my enthusiasm and I'm hoping the crowns system has the same effect.


i'm sick and tired of all the repeating on lessons. there's no progression.


my fingers have gone numb from typing so much stuff. I have just gone up a level without learning anything new... just repeat and repeat. With the old system I thought I deserved every level.. but not this one

[deactivated user]

    I thought it was fine the way it was. I'm OK with the new crown system. I just got a level 5 crown on a skill today so now, apparently, it will remain golden. It only took repeating the lesson about 50 times...


    The crowns stay gold?


    who designed this horrible new system? i'm so sick of writing a boy a woman. it's like i took 10 steps backward.


    Me too! It really grows on you, doesn't it?

    P.S. - Any reason you put this in the "French" forum? ;-)


    only because that was where i found it and am not familiar enough with where comments should be put!


    i feel like i'm going back. it's way too easy. i feel like i'm wasting my time.


    It's more flexible. The problem that I've had with learning languages in the past is knowing when to move on. I tended to spend a lot of time on a single lesson and hence make little progress. Both duolingo systems addressed this issue but the new system is giving me more information.

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