"What do you drink?"

Translation:Was trinkst du?

March 22, 2013



Very tricky question, but I assume when you ask questions you have to invert the verb and pronoun:

Ich trinke wasser

Was trinke ich?

September 30, 2014


What's wrong with Was du trinkst?

March 22, 2013


Unless it has two verbs in it the verb doesnt go at the end, it even sounds weird. For example, "Was willst du trinken?" What do you want to drink? Hope that helped at all.

October 23, 2014


it was declined because you didn't tick ALL of the correct solutions so even if you got one right you still get it wrong

October 15, 2015


Is not wrong that question?

July 11, 2014


I wrote "Was du trinkst?" and it declined. WHY? :(

October 19, 2014


Well for starters, you would say "was trinkst du" instead of "was du trinkst" given that you are asking a question (verb before subject when asking questions). In this specific case, since du isn't given as an option, you have to deduce that you are not speaking to just one person. Since "ihr" is the only logical pronoun left, you should say "was trinkt ihr" (what do you [all] drink?) Hope this helps, :)

November 28, 2014


Was? Wasser, natürlich!

January 19, 2015


Why was "what do drink?" Translated as "was trinkt ihr"? shouldn't it be 'trinkEN' for plural form?

March 6, 2016


Was du trinkst

January 15, 2017


Between Was du trinkst? And Was trinkst du? ... What governs the exchange of the words

May 2, 2019
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