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  5. "L'hiver s'installe."

"L'hiver s'installe."

Translation:Winter is settling in.

April 4, 2018



Winter is coming! :D


says Jean Neige :D


Yeah, yeah we've been hearing this for 5 seasons....


Opened comments to write exactly the same :D


If I am installing something on my computer, would that also be "installer"?


It would not be reflexive though. « J’installe quelque chose sour mon ordinateur. » This uses « installer »

This expression with winter uses « s’installer », the reflexive verb.

Sometimes a reflexive verb is similar to the original verb except that the action is being done to the subject itself. Sometimes a reflexive verb simply has a different meaning than the original verb.


"Settle in" or "set in"? My understanding has always been that "settle in" = "to become comfortable in a new environment" (after moving house, for example). "Set in" = "to begin, to be just starting". So to my mind, the accurate verb is "set" in the context of "Winter is setting in". Although "settling in" is a good metaphor, it has the the potential to mislead.


It doesn’t have to be a new environment. You can settle in to a summer house that you visit every summer. Yes, it personifies winter as digging in and getting comfortable as though it would stay a while.


Is the winter coming or already here? These are very different things


Already here. People were making Game Of Thrones references is all. (Which I enjoyed) :)


It is closer than "coming", it has arrived and is becoming obvious.


Does s'installer mean that something is here to stay longer-term? Like if your mother-in-law is coming to live in your house, would you use the verb s'installer?


Is this the French version of "winter is coming" from the Game of Thrones? Is there a French dubbed version of GOT? If so I need to watch it in French.


why, if winter is "settling in", are the parents "getting settled", rather than "settling in?


The term is 'setting in'


No “ settling in” does work here and it is closer to the French meaning.


'Settling in' is never used in English in this context. ... to a new job...to a new house...yes. It means getting accustomed to or getting comfortable in a new place or situation, The context applied is thus inaccurate.


Never say never! Yes, “settling in” does mean to get comfortable in a situation. This has been used this way before.
I have also seen setting in used to mean coming in hard.

Personification of weather does happen.


I agree with the comment on the use of 'setting in'. I was commenting on the use of 'settling in' which I have never seen in reasonably accurate English usage in the context of this subject.


Previously I had 'Winter is setting in' accepted. This time I tried 'Winter is encroaching' which was dinged. Is this a possibility, or what would the French expression for that be? Thanks.

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