"Where did you all travel to in the spring?"

Translation:¿Adónde viajaron ustedes en la primavera?

9 months ago



What is the sentence structure for questions? I wrote¨ Adónde ustedes viajaron en la primavera¨ and it was marked wrong. ?Subject after the verb in questions?

9 months ago

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I also amswered this way and have seen this word order alot.

9 months ago

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I was taught that Duo's structure above was correct. Duo also uses statement word order with question marks around it. Also they have shown many questions with interrogative + subject+ verb + completers. So, based on what I've seen recently, Duo should be accepting your suggestion.

9 months ago


I wrote this one: adonde ustudes viajaron en la primavera?... it seems that I should swap viajar with ustedes to make it correct... but sometimes ustedes comes infront of the verb... is there a rule for this? thanks

4 months ago


I don't know if there is an Ustedes placement rule or Duo just doesn't have the other choice in the answer bank. Expert help requested! My difficulty here was i used "dónde" and was counted wrong and then given the correct answer using "dónde". Go figure. Glad I wasn't testing

4 months ago


Dónde viajaron a en la primavera

1 month ago


My wife is fluently bilingual, and has corrected Duo in the past. I just asked her; she said Duo is correct. It doesn't seem intuitively right, but...

3 months ago

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why viajisteis in stead of viajiste?

3 months ago


I can't see what i did wrong!!!!

1 week ago
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