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  5. "Mon café est chaud."

"Mon café est chaud."

Translation:My coffee is hot.

April 4, 2018



Why is 'My coffee is warm' not correct?


yes it is correct.... but here I think Duo has programmed the word "hot" that would be what most people probably would write or say... however "chaud" in French is warm and hot. so your answer is not wrong. but I am only a modest beginner in learning French....and someone would need to set me right if I am wrong.


STILL waiting for "warm" to be accepted. Notify me when it is.


If "my coffee is warm" is incorrect then how do i say that in French?


mon café est chaud.


So coffee can never be warm, only hot?


Please help why mon instead ma


Rosmary ! the personal pronoun in this case "mon" does not refer to the person who is speaking, but to the noun that is being referred to... in this case it is coffee and coffee in French is masculine. therefore it is mon cafe


Krista, Congratulations on your 300 day streak!


thank you Odelia, mais je suis tujours un debutant en difficulte.


Here is a little help Krista. I am asuming that you simply made a typing mistake with "toujours". But given your gender you should have used "une débutante". A man would say "un débutant" and dont forget the acute accent on the e in "dificulté" And you are of course correct in your reply to Nigel.. Mon café est chaud can mean hot or cold.


Because café is masculine.

Un chien=>man chien

Une chienne=>ma chienne


i put mon cafe est chaud and was marked incorrect. i dont know why


how come? normally duolingo is programmed to underline the wrong spelling or gives you the correct answer in red. could you have missed an accent?


screenshot please, and report it. we don't have evidence you actually typed the right thing and thus we cannot correct it if you keep making the same mistake.


Chaud is in english warm/ hot


For crying out loud Duo! (Non English speakers please note that this is a phrase of frustration much used in the UK) Warm or hot are correct! Get your act together!

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