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How can I get help to fix my language flag?

For more than a month I have not been able to switch languages when I want. I have been able to change three times. I changed from French to Spanish. I would then wait until I was reminded by Duo that it was time for French. Then I was able to switch to French by pushing the reminder. I am now on Spanish and would like to switch to French but am unable to. The reminder doesn't help today.

I've written here before. Should I be requesting help somewhere else?

April 4, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Can you switch using this page?



    Yes! :) Thank you so much :-)




    How do I get to trouble shooting? Oh, perhaps I push help? I'll try that :)


    I pushed help, explained my problem, I was given 3 options that didn't apply to my problem and I wrote a second time telling "help" that. I then wrote PLEASE HELP ME

    Did I go to the correct place?


    Thanks Lucinda! :) :-) This one works too :-) Thanks to you and Jacob I can switch languages by coming here. Yay

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