I've not been using the Chinese course for very long, but, while I am finding it very useful, I've noticed a lot of mistakes with the audio recordings. Now it's possible that I, someone who does not speak Chinese natively, am simply mistaken, but I thought I should mention this anyway. When I am learning a single character, the audio does not match up with the transliteration I am given; for example, what is written as "xìng" I hear as "xīng". Another example: written "shí", spoken "zhī". This only happens with single characters; when it's spoken in a sentence it sounds fine. I can work with it for now but it comes across as kind of sloppy.

April 4, 2018

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You are not wrong about the pronunciation not matching up with the pinyin in many individual cases. There are quite a few. I've reported a number of them and try to keep doing it as I go along.

A problem with the reporting system is that it forces you to pick an option, when sometimes, the problem is something else. I still don't know how to get around that, but generally I comment in the nearest discussion and hope that a developer will come around some day and see it.

The following is just my guess as to why it happens; it could be completely wrong:

Maybe one and the same Chinese character is actually pronounced differently in different contexts, and it could be some sort of system limitation that the character can only be assigned a single pronunciation.

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