I have been studying with Duolingo for the past year (about 30,000 points) and have achieved 65% fluency. This number has not changed in the last 2 months despite receiving about 80 points per day. I am at level 24. Is there an upper limit on fluency with the program?

April 4, 2018


The fluency "meter" is only a notional figure - - you will find out your true fluency level only when you use the language (not just Spanish) to try speaking with a native speaker.

But stress not! it will disappear soon as a feature when you get switched over to the new Spanish course tree - - we all will be eventually, and I believe it's more challenging and gets you towards higher levels as well.

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ya tienes buen nivel, ahora solo es practica, puedes intentar escribir en español con personas o hacer el árbol de ingles desde español ,para que así no te aburras.

The fluency meter was just something to encourage people to study. It isn't real! You need to decide on your own measures of fluency!

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