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More Bonus Skills for the Lingots Store?

I have 200+ hundred Lingots, but I have already purchased the two bonus skills which were available in the store, and for a very long time there has been nothing new in the store for me to purchase. Are there plans to add additional Bonus Skills to the store, or to add other items to the store which can be bought with a backlog of earned lingots? What we have here is a store with bare shelves and nothing to buy, and people just waiting to spend their lingots. LMK please Thank You for a great app

April 4, 2018



Nice idea. I second it.

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I'm not sure whether there are plans to use the third slot for another bonus skill, because I've seen that it can be used for bonus skills that are only temporarily available. A few years ago it was possible to buy a christmas bonus skill, which I now have for Spanish and French. I only check the lingot store every now and then, so I'm not sure if there have been more temporary bonus skills like that.


I agree with this.


I agree. I have 5k+ lingots, plus on the app there are almost 7k 'gems.' The only useful thing to buy is a streak freeze, but they don't even correspond to each apparently (I had the streak freeze activated, but apparently I had to have a separate one on the app and lost a streak when using the app). It would be nice at least for the rewards to be within one system.


how are you guys earning so many lingots? I'm really struggling!


Just time. Here are some!

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