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  5. "Wie groß ist Großbritannien?"

"Wie groß ist Großbritannien?"

Translation:How large is Great Britain?

April 4, 2018



Population: 65.64 million Area: 242,495 km²


Thank you Ferid1453, the information is welcome and more than I bargained for when I (slightly sarcastic) went into discussion.


Well, since the Brexit...


Going going....... ;-D


Is that all? And here I thought the sun never sat on the Empire. How things change.


That was because of all of the colonies.


Would "How great is Great Britain" be "Wie toll ist Großbritannien"?


It accepted the translation "How great is Great Britain?" for Wie groß...


Only if you're describing it as "amazing" instead of its physical size.


What about "wie toll ist Tollbritannien"?


Interesting that this is a sort of weak pun in German, but not when you translate it to normal English.


How great is Great Britain?


lol I imagine an English speaker responding with "it's pretty gross".


Wie gross ist Grossbritannien und wie klein ist Kleinbritannien?


Und wo ist Kleinbritannien?


Top left hand bit of France


How big is Great Britain is not correct? Can someone explain why?


'How big is Great Britain' should be fine: 'big' is an ok synonym for large here... report it.


A question with an answer that may change in the next year or two.


You've said it LOL :-D


Not being from the EU or Britain, I'm curious whether "How large is Britain" should also be acceptable or not? Or is there a meaningful difference between Großbritannien and Britannien? Please excuse my ignorance.


Or is there a meaningful difference between Großbritannien and Britannien

Not really; the Great in Britain is normally considered to be there to differentiate in French (the old language of diplomacy/lingua franca) between Britain (Grand Bretagne) and Brittany (Bretagne) - the region of France.

(Some think that Great Britain is because it is the largest of the British Isles and to differentiate from Ireland... but that's controversial I think.)

Anyway, given that the German clearly has the Groß- prefix, it seems to me to make sense to translate it as Great Britain....


From (Wikipedia)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Britain]:

The Greco-Egyptian scientist Ptolemy referred to the larger island as great Britain (μεγάλη Βρεττανία megale Brettania) and to Ireland as little Britain (μικρὰ Βρεττανία mikra Brettania) in his work Almagest (147–148 AD).

Great Britain refers geographically to the island of Great Britain. Politically, it may refer to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales, including their smaller offshore islands. It is not correct to use the term to refer to the whole of the United Kingdom which includes Northern Ireland.

Similarly, Britain can refer to either all islands in Great Britain, the largest island, or the political grouping of countries. There is no clear distinction, even in government documents: the UK government yearbooks have used both Britain and United Kingdom.


Make Britain Great again


As far as I can see Britain = England + Wales whilst Great Britain = England + Wales + Scotland (and the UK = Great Britain + Northern Ireland). Romans used to call Wales and England 'Britannia' but they never really conquered Scotland, thus the difference.


As far as I can see Britain = England + Wales whilst Great Britain = England + Wales + Scotland...

I'm sorry, but that's just nonsense!
In all and any definition, Britain is at least the complete island of Britain comprising England, Wales AND Scotland.

The Great in Britain is normally considered to be there to differentiate in French (the old language of diplomacy/lingua franca) between Britain (Grand Bretagne) and Brittany (Bretagne) - the region of France.


That is far from nonsense. The Brythonic/P Gaelic Celts, a.k.a. the Britons (also Brittany in France), settled England and Wales. Ireland and Scotland were settled by their cousins the Goidels/Q Celtic speakers. The Britons are where the names Britain and Brittany come from, and why Julius Caesar invaded bringing the Germanic and Teutonic tribes. The Normans brought French much later.


In a video I watched the narrator said that Great Britain is England, Scotland, Whales and some small Islands surrounding them. Do the small islands come under Great Britain or do they not ?


Some do, some don't!

The ones that do include: Isle of Wight (IOW) and Scilly Isles; Ynys Mon or Anglesey; The Hebrides (Outer & Inner) - aka. the Western Isles, and the Orkneys and the Shetlands (often described in the singular and without the definite article, like countries), together known as the Northern Isles.

The ones that don't will obviously make good tax-havens, as their laws, by definition, do not follow UK law/s. They include: the Isle of Man (IOM) and the Channel Islands/Isles (CI), which comprise - Jersey (where the sweaters come from?), Guernsey (where the other sweaters come from), Alderney and Sark (both presumably too small for the sweater market...).

Having said these islands are specifically not part of the UK or GB, their international car-stickers are - possibly to emphasise their equal non-Frenchness, given they lie just off the French coast - actually: GBJ and GBG. Likewise, GBM.

The Queen traditionally owns all Whales [ :{ ] found beached; she is also ruler of Principality of Wales or Cymru (which also likes to confuse outsiders, as this word is pronounced COOM-ree); but then you can learn all about that on DL!


Do Germans understand Großbritannien to mean the island of Great Britain or do they also use this word to mean the UK?


I asked my boyfriend this out of curiosity (he is German) and he said they use it to mean both. My understanding from the international people I've spoken to over the years is that not many people outside of the UK know that there is a difference between the UK and Great Britain. In fact, some people even think these two are interchangeable with England, a common response I've had to "I'm from the UK" is "wow I love England".


how great is great britan would be funnier tbh


Das ist politisch kompliziert


am I the only one who is getting this and "wie lang ist der Rhein" five times each in a single lesson?


I have not counted the amount of times that different sentences are repeated in one lesson but it is not only once or twice. The repetition is annoying!


As an English person I would say’how big rather than how large


"How big is the Great Britain" - why is this translation wrong?


Rokas, omit "the". Try: How big is Great Britain.


Ah, didn't know such rule about english articles. Thanks!


Is there a German equivalent for the names England or United Kingdom


England = England United Kingdom = Vereinigt Königreich

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