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The options are wrong

I was learning Japanese, and I got to Intro 2/5 when it asked me to "Choose the symbols for 'I am from America'." I got it wrong so I wrote down the answer, and when I got back to my options it had "America" but nothing else. None of the other symbols were available for me to choose. I cannot get past that problem, and therefore cannot advance in my lessons.

April 4, 2018



I know what you mean, the same thing hapened to me. I don't know if you have solve it already, but what I did was copy-pasting the answer the program game me when I got the question wrong, if you know what I mean. That way I was able to move on and continue my lessons. Hope this could help you and that you can keep learning! It would be great if they fixed it too.


Yea. I figured it out I went back and finished every lesson before and actually learned stuff. I am way past now thanks for the help.


The way I solved this was simply using a PC, and copy pasting the correct hiragana text into the answer box by picking "Use keyboard".

But yes, this is getting increasingly annoying. The Intro skill already has another huge error - the Kanji whose reading is "chuu" when in the composite word "Chuugoku" (China) is read "naka" when on its own, yet the hiragana reading in "match the pairs" is still written as "chuu". Which creates quite some confusion.


Sounds like a bug. Have you tried using the keyboard instead of the word bank?


I'm working on that lesson again now and I received that same question. The answer it is looking for is "amerika kara kimashita" I came from America. But the rest of the lesson mostly only teaches you "amerika shuushin desu" I am from america so I assume those are the words you were looking for that weren't there?


Thanks! I eventually got it not too long after I posted it. Thanks for responding though, and that’s the only problem I have ever had with Duolingo, it’s a great program.


Do you mean none of the symbols aside from America were there or just that in the answer you learned to give the other words weren't options?

If there were no choices available, as ayame said try switching to the keyboard.

If not Can you remember what the choices were? There are multiple ways to say you're from america so it may have been looking for one you weren't familiar with yet.

Though the first intro course only really covers

アメリカしゅうしんです "I am from america (lit: My birthplace is america)"

and  アメリカ人です "I am American"

You will also learn アメリカからです "I'm from america"

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