"La grêle a fait des dommages sur ma voiture neuve."

Translation:The hail did some damage to my new car.

April 4, 2018

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why does it not follow bangs??


Ma nouvelle voiture means my car that is new to me. It may not be a brand-new car but I haven't had it in my possession long. It is subjective.
Ma voiture neuve means my brand-new car. This car is new from the dealership. "The latest model." In this case it is objective and follows the noun.


the hail has damaged to my new car is not correct ?


Almost! There's an extra word in your sentence. Remove "to": the hail has damaged my new car.


if I have understood correctly your explanation I translate in french an example

la grêle a fait ( a causé ) des dommages sur ( à ) ma voiture neuve = the hail did some damages to my new car

la grêle a endommagé my voiture neuve = the hail has damaged my new car

isn't it ?


Those are both correct translations, though "The hail damaged my new car." (and, presumably, "The hail has damaged my new car.") is still accepted, probably because that sounds more natural in English than the alternative.


Hello, Sorry for the delay, "the hail did some damage (no s) to my new car" is correct. Damages with an s is not the plural of damage and it means money paid in compensation for injury. "The hail has damaged my new car" is also correct.


what's the difference between "voiture neuve" and "nouvelle voiture"?


"voiture neuve" is a brand new car (from the factory)
"nouvelle voiture" is a car that is new to the owner (though it may be used)

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