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Spanish-English Exchange

I am a spanish speaker from Chile and I looking for someone with whom I can practice my english and helping her / his to develop her / his spanish

April 4, 2018



We currently have an English/Spanish language exchange going on Telegram and Discord with hundreds of people including native English and Spanish speakers! Check out the following Duolingo post for the rules and the invitation link:


Just make sure you have read and agreed to the five group rules before joining. We hope to see you there!


If do do not mind practicing on Skype - I am all for it. I just can't do emails and text - due to my workload.


Dude! I'm so glad to see you back online! Welcome back!


By Hangouts... Is it possible that way?


Hello donsebastiano, I would be interested in helping and also receiving help. I visited Puerto Rico and have tried to learn as much Spanish as possible through Duo ever since. Though there are many things I would like clarified. Would email work for you?


The email itself I think would works, but by using hangouts or something like that for a more fluent conversation


I am sorry, I won't be able to do it because of my busy schedule, though I would recommend to watch youtube videos if you aren't already. Try to pronounce words exactly as you hear them. If you have any friends/relatives in the states that speak English maybe they would talk with you.

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