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  5. "qalegh torgh."

"qalegh torgh."

Translation:I see you, Torg.

April 4, 2018



Needs a comma to set apart the direct address.



I can't find this sentence in the incubator, though. It may be one that I've previously "removed" and replaced with the version with a comma. (I do find qalegh, torgh with comma there.)

Unfortunately, "removing" a sentence doesn't get rid of it entirely; sometimes, these zombie sentences will come back and be shown to learners. I'm not sure under which circumstances, but general strengthening (rather than repeating or learning a particular skill) seems to do that more often.

So I'm not sure whether I can do anything about this particular sentence -- it's not supposed to exist any more.

Still, thank you for the report, and please keep commenting on similar sentences when you come across them. (The other one you mentioned at about the same time is one that still exists without the comma and which I'll get to in a moment.)

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