"We need a calm man."

Translation:Il faut un homme calme.

April 4, 2018



Why 'Nous avons un homme calme' is wrong?

April 4, 2018


You can translate need with "falloir" or "avoir besoin de". So the best translations would be : - "Il nous faut un homme calme" - "Nous avons besoin d'un homme calme"

The translation "Il faut un homme calme" which is given is not the best because we don't know who need this man, there is no "nous" for the "we". This one is more the translation of "A calm man is needed", we know that there is a need : "a calm man" but we don't know who have this need.

If you want to be really precise, there is a little difference between "falloir" and "avoir besoin de". "Falloir" is stronger. If you prefer "falloir" is more "really need" and "avoir besoin de" just "need". But it's not a big difference ;)

April 4, 2018


Merci beaucoup! This was EXACTly what I needed :))

September 30, 2018


Why is "Nous devons un homme calme" not accepted?

June 16, 2018


I think because it does not directly translate as the same, it has the same meaning though

October 5, 2018


Why is it il and not nous

July 31, 2018

August 3, 2018


Nous avons un homme calm... Why it's not correct?

December 6, 2018


Nous avons de besoin d'un homme calme is wrong - OK, I accept that, but why?

August 1, 2018


The sentence is wrong because "de" is not needed before "besoin". But I also believe that at this particular point they are trying to teach you to use the verb "falloir" to express need of something. Read the Tips and notes for the lesson.

August 3, 2018


Why is " nous necessitons un homme calme " not accepted?

September 28, 2018


I would think that "Il nous faut un homme calme" would be "we need a calm man" "Il faut un homme calme" is more "a calm man is needed"

October 4, 2018


Yes, but in colloquial English we rarely use the passive form.

October 20, 2018


Je crois il doit etre: "nous avons besoin d'un homme calme". Ça sera le meilleur choix, n'est-ce pas?

October 17, 2018


Why is 'Nous avons besoin d'un homme calme' wrong?

December 25, 2018
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