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Could someone tell my friend how to get on Discussions using her phone?

My friend is learning English. She would like to participate in Discussions. Is she able to get on discussions with her phone?

April 4, 2018



This is what I do: I open an Internet browser, go to duolingo.com, log in with my usual credentials. Here, I can find the discussions.

(As far as I know "Discussions" cannot be reached within the app; only the sentence discussion for the sentence that you are working on.)


OK. I guess she will need to use my laptop :)


you know you can access the internet on a phone right? just open up your browser, you don't need to use the app


Thanks, I'll tell her :)


I think some apps might have access to discussions (Android has access to sentence discussions but I think iOS does not).

You will probably get better responses if you edit your post and change the topic from "French" to "Troubleshooting" ;-)


OK How do I find Troubleshooting?


Thanks so much! :)


Edit your post (go to the first post above all the comments, and click the "Edit" link underneath your post)

There is a drop-down menu at the top left that you can use to change the topic from "French" to "Duolingo"


Sentence discussions are (or were) accessible in the Android app by clicking on the 'conversation bulb' after answering a question (as mentioned in this review). I don't know if this is still the case, as I have only ever used the iOS app, which has never had this feature.

Otherwise, she will always be able to access these discussion through the mobile website, as per other comments here.


Hi Garpike, The discussions I want to help Dafne find are what we are on right now. I didn't realize that there is also an issue with sentence discussions. I suspect that my Spanish might start to improve ;)

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