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  5. "'oj torgh 'e' vIpIH."

"'oj torgh 'e' vIpIH."

Translation:I expect that Torg is thirsty.

April 4, 2018



I don't want to split hairs here but . . . Since intransitively pIH is "be suspicious", translating a transitive pIH as "expect" instead of "suspect" seems to insist upon a sense of "anticipate" but NOT something like "surmise", the meaning both words share. Is that right?


I imagine so -- I believe that for the "surmise, guess" meaning of "suspect", a better translation is -law' as in 'ojlaw' torgh "I suspect that Torg is thirty; It seems that Torg is thirsty; Torg appears to be thirsty".


I have been wondering about the "be suspect" meaning of the word pIH since encountering it in the TKD dictionary. I thought that when used as "be suspect" or "be suspicious" that it meant that the subject is found to be suspicious or suspect by others not that the subject is finding others or other things to be suspicious. If so, then the "be suspect" meaning of pIH is not a synonym of "expect" or "surmise".


But I can't know if that was the Creator's intent when he created the word. Maybe there is another word for, "be the object of suspicion"?


I don't know. Is there canon use of this word?


I surely imagine that that makes sense. Then, I do imagine a lot of things, some of which are preposterous.

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