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  5. "Je choisis mon repas."

"Je choisis mon repas."

Translation:I choose my meal.

April 4, 2018



Yet another multiple choice question without the correct answer offered as a choice. This is the third one so far in this session and, because of them, I have not yet manages to complete even one group of questions. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AS A MATTER OF URGENCY! 'Choisis' was missed from the question but not offered as a possible answer. I am using an iPad.


The translation/explanation for "J'ai choisis mon repas" is missing! (choisis ?) (Android app)


I put "I chose my meal" which was wrong. I guess choisis is a present continuous tense. What would "chose" past tense be?


If no comment has been previously made, it is not possible to highlight any part of the sentence to obtain more meaning. When someone exposed to a new verb - here choisis - they might want to highlight choisis and look at the conjugation pattern. For some reason with these new sentences I am unable to highlight the verb and open up the conjugation pattern.

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