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Basculer vs. Changer

What is the difference between the verbs "basculer" and "changer" in terms of context, meaning, and usage?

Thank you.

April 4, 2018



They're very different. Changer is to change, or change out, and basculer is to create a disorder of things, to jumble about, topple, or in French, faire tomber, ou renverser.


It's true.

But in some case "basculer" is used as an image to mean "change really really a lot". For example you can read "après ce jour, ma vie a basculé", which means "after this day, my life changed a lot", there was an after and a before and this day will stay a really important day in my life.


Great example, but it still emplies turmoil and not a subtle change.


"Mais c'est à ce moment-là que tout bascule." I found that sentence in one of the Duolingo Stories.

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