"Qu'elle est douce, cette écharpe !"

Translation:How soft this scarf is!

April 4, 2018



Yoda speak

July 3, 2018


English is stilted. Modern usage says "How soft is this scarf"

October 22, 2018


I agree, the translation given is a flat statement of fact, not the exclamatory expression the French structure denotes.

January 19, 2019


I don't understand much of this section. It is full of phrases and sentences that can be said in different ways (I know this because I have tried to use Google to help when I struggle and every sentence comes out different. My only course of action is to type any old crap into the command line then write down the correct answer to use on the repeat run. Not that I will understand what I'm writing when I do write it. And I can't use the guidance for this section because it bears no resemblance to what I am being asked to translate.

September 15, 2018


Relitive Pronom or Adverb ?

April 4, 2018


French exclamatory expressions often use interrogative words, such as:

quel + noun
que + adjective meaning how ...
comme (which translates to how for exclamations)

In English when what you’re exclaming about is clear, you don’t need a noun in your exclamation and you can just say something like How beautiful!, skipping both a noun and the verb. To do the same thing in French, you can skip the noun, but you can’t skip the verb. C’est (it is) must be included.

But you have a choice for the exclamatory expression: You can use que or comme, which are totally interchangeable, or sometimes skip the exclamative word and make a very short sentence with just an exclamation mark.


Que c’est beau! - How beautiful!
Comme c’est beau! - How beautiful!
C’est beau! - That’s beautiful!
Quel oiseau magnifique! - What a beautiful bird!
Que c’est laid! - How ugly it is!
Comme il est mignon! - How cute he is!
Quoi! Il a fait ça! - What! He did that!
Qu’il est sérieux, ton fils ! - How serious your son is ! Qu’ils sont gentils, ces enfants ! - How nice these children are ! 

Further information can be found here:


June 30, 2018


Which word are you referring to?

April 4, 2018


"Que"; more like a conjunction. Probably the entire "Qu'elle est douce," is an adverb locution.

April 4, 2018


Awful translation. Should be "How soft is this scarf".

April 19, 2019


Could "comme" be used in place of "qu'"?

May 10, 2019
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