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Y vs E: e tu?

So, I know that "and" is supposed to be "y" in Spanish, but sometimes it flips to "e" if followed by a vowle. However, I was listening to Coffee Break Spanish podcast, and they use e before the word tu. How come? T is not a vowle. Your help would be much appreciated.

April 5, 2018



Seems like a mistake in the podcast. Never before have I heard "e" next to "tĂș" in my entire life. (I am a native Spanish speaker)


TL;DR e is used to prevent two long E sounds in a row.

As far as my knowledge goes, "e" is used to prevent two long E sounds right in front of each other. So, "papas y fresas" is "potatoes and strawberries", but "padre e hijo" is "father and son" (if it was "padre y hijo," then there would be two long E sounds in a row).

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